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Curriculum—California Life Story Writing Classes

My Beginning and Advanced life story writing classes are based on the material included in my book, Breathe Life into Your Life Story. You will learn how to write a story that will inspire and captivate your family for generations to come. You've had an exceptional life. You've worked hard, endured challenges, and accomplished a great deal. Many of you have lived through times that are no more.

Your children and grandchildren need to know the major influences in your life. What were the turning points? What gave you the most happiness? What have you learned from it all? What advice would you give to your descendants?

My classes will show you how to:
P    Recall your unique life experiences
P    Forget your fear of writing, ignore your internal critic, and write as easily as you talk
P Determine the format, scope, and style of your story
P    Breathe life into the people, place, and events of your life
P Write about family skeletons and other sensitive topics
Create a story that will bring you and your family more satisfaction than you can imagine

The Advanced Class builds on principles taught in the beginning class. Both classes include occasional in-class writing assignments, weekly homework assignments, and writing critiques from the instructor and class members.


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