How to Write a Story People Will Want to Read

Authors:  Dawn and Morris Thurston
Illustrations:  Amy Reeder Hadley
Publisher: Signature Books
Paperback. 224 Pages. / 1-56085-094-9 / $22.95



Book Synopsis

Breathe Life into Your Life Story is an essential read for anyone who aspires to write a life story—but not just any story, one your family and others will actually WANT to read.

Written for both novices and experienced writers, this book presents techniques used by novelists to immerse readers in their fictional world—techniques like “showing” rather than just "telling”; creating interesting, believable characters and settings; writing at the gut level; alternating scene and narrative; beginning with a bang; generating tension, and more.

Excerpts from memoirs written by such pros as Maya Angelou, Frank McCourt, Russell Baker, and many others illustrate how best-selling authors have used these methods to hook their readers. Dozens of “Learn by Doing” exercises help readers practice and acquire the skills necessary to breathe life into their own stories.



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